Prompt 69: It was Erica Jong who said, “If you don’t risk anything, you risk more.” Write about what this means to you.

Life is a risk. Almost everything you do is a risk, unless you sit at home and do nothing. Then again even that is a risk, for health prob;lems.
This is a good quote. It just means that you have to try, other wise you know you have failed.

A risk not taken,
Is a blown chance,
A life not lived,
Ruled by circumstance.

Take the lead,
Follow no more,
Live your life,
Open up doors.

It may be scary
You might be afraid,
And maybe you’ll fail,
But a chance taken is a chance made.


My Country Song

Prompt: Write a country song.


She stood in the doorway

of the hospital room

with teardrops on her face

She could already see

That tiny baby

Dressed in pink and lace

She can’t imagine

How her life

Could get any better than this

It was like

She was always waiting

For her own bundle of bliss

And she’ll always remember

And be thankful for the day

When a young girl named Katie

Showed up at her door to say

“I’m only just sixteen

And I can’t do this on my own

Can’t you please take my baby

And give her a loving home.”

Blank Page

Prompt: A blank Page

I hate looking at a blank page when you have nothing to say. Normally I would say I love a blank piece of paper. The smell of fresh paper may just well be my favorite smell in the world. A single sheet of blank paper has the ability to take you anywhere, to transform your whole life.
Today the page mocks me. It reminds me that I have no story to tell. The words just won’t come.

Oh, how you taunt me,
Tease me with your stare
Showing me what will never be,
Until I want to rip out my hair.

It is just one day
in the grand scheme of things,
I’ll just wait for a way,
To write all of my dreams.

So you can have this one
Oh blank page of mine
This day is almost done,
And I have to write the last line.


Promprt:  Matthew Chapter Two


It says in the bible that angels,
appear to us in dreams,
The things we dream, all a jumbled mess,
are not always as they seem.
Maybe God chooses that way,
to speak to his peole, me and you,
because that is the only way,
He can get through.
While we are sleeping is,
the only time we hear,
the only time our busy lives,
allow Him to come near.
If we could just stop and listen,
to what He has to say,
our lives would be easier,
simplier day by day.
Try to listen all the time,
and feel his fatherly love,
oh what peace could be ours,
from our father above.


Promt: Write about how Mary must have felt in Matthew chapter one.

Chosen Mother

It must have been a scary thing,
Mary was barely more than a child,
when the news the angel did bring,
But mary’s outward reaction was mild.
She could not tell a single soul,
that she would carry the savior,
she must have felt so awfully alone,
and her only solace, a prayer.
How she must have wished,
for another to take her place,
someone else to get the angel’s kiss,
and take the worry from her face.
But then, what an honor to be,
chosen by God like that,
the mother of the messiah was she,
and no one else can claim that.
A distinction above anything else,
a love like no other,
so happiness she must have felt,
to be God’s chosen mother.


1 original, poem on the THEME of America, the Melting Pot for Freedom Kirelle FORMis the ONLY acceptable form.


The Soldier’s Song

We live in a land of great pride,
where brave men and women have died,
to preserve our right to be free,
O God, be merciful to me.


Lives lost and broken hearts,
wars tearing families apart,
and the things soldiers must do and see,
O God, be merciful to me.


They fight for love, honor, and glory,
all those in uniform have a story,
just so people can live; like you and me,
O God, be merciful to me.


They may break down or they may cry out,
but if you only listen to their shout,
it’s the voice of a hero, casn’t you see!
O God, be merciful to me.


We laugh and wave the red, white, and blue,
and thank the soldiers for all they do,
to assure that we’ll always be free,
O God, be merciful to me.



Prompt: “What do you take?  You have ten minutes to evacuate your house forever!  All family and pets have already escaped.  Write about what you’d imagine yourself taking with you with only the limited time you have.”

My breathing comes out in short little rasps,
“I have to leave forever?” I gasp.
What can I take, how can I choose?
Everything in here, I can’t stand to lose.
Well maybe the lamps and couches can stay,
I’d never be able to carry them anyway.
And the TV wouldn’t be much use to me,
Because tomorrow, who knows where I’ll be.
And the turtle tank is just too heavy to lift,
But the shell inside, now that was a gift.
My books, although they are all so dear,
I suppose those could just stay here.
Oh but my computer where I spend so much time,
I really really really can’t leave that behind.
But I guess my laptop is just as good,
And it’d be easier to carry than the desktop would.
Pictures of my kids are important in my life,
Then again molly has them on her hard drive.
So I think I will have to ta…
What? What’s that you say?
Ten minutes have already come and gone,
And all I did was think too long.