Books by Amy


Eva was created for one purpose, to kill a notorious vampire named Dominick Letrell.  But then everything goes wrong.  what happens when all the rules change?

Black Dolphin

Eighty years after the face of the earth has been changed, man kind is still trying to find a way to survive.  For some, like Rani, life is more difficult to endure.  Heartache and disapointment are the norm for the people of Ortec.  Their small island city has survived against the odds, their peolple have grown strong.  But when that strength is put to the test, will any of them survive?  And what will happen to Rani when she has to face the one man she never thought she would see again?

Last Tomorrow

“Sometimes, when you marry to young, you just grow apart.” Anna Draven’s dream life is about to be disrupted. Anna and Alex married young, ready to start their life together, but when that marriage is put to the test will it survive? Do they have the bond it takes to make it?  Set in the early 1900’s, “Last Tomorrow” takes you back to a simpler time and a simple kind of love.


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