About Amy

Amy Richie: 20 Random facts

1. I turn thirty one on Monday (the tenth) and I am not sure how I feel about that

2. I have three kids. Gavin is 10 Arabelle is 7 and Elijah is 4

3. I have been raising these kids alone for the past four years..and I enjoy it.

4. I live in a small town in Ohio.  My mom says it is in a “gulley” so we don’t get the really bad weather that some of our neighbors get.

5. I grew up with 2 sisters and one brother.  Jenny, Molly and Michael.  Later my mom had two more girls…Haley and Renae.  Renae is 6 months older than my daughter and Haley died at birth.

6. I am still married, but my husband has been living with his new..um..girlfriend for the past four years.  Divorce is expensive.

7. I have not always been a christian, and I still don’t do it as well as I would . like.

8. I like movies.  When I find a movie I like, I watch it until I can quote it…word for word.  Right now it is Alice in Wonderland with Johny Depp.  “Lost my muchness have I?”

9. I fell in love with Johny Depp when I was 12.  Me and my best friend watched Cry Baby 11 times in one day.  I bet my dad regrets renting it.

10. We currently have a few too many animals.  3 dogs, 3 rats, 1 cat, and a tankful of fish.

11. I lived in India for one year.  I was more homesick than I would have thought, and now I love bollywood movies.  Sharukh Khan…yeah.

12. For two years I was abused by my husband but I choose not to dwell on it.  The hardest thing I have had to go through..so far…is when my daughter’s leg was broke.  (by my husband?)

13.  All three of my kids have a different dad.  Did I already mention I wasn’t always a christian?

14. I work in a small nursing home in my small town. 

15.  I think my dog…O’Dessa…is pregnant.  I am angry at her for being a whore, but how can I judge.

16. My mom and dad divorced after 22 years of an unhappy marriage.  She remarried a drunk and lives seperate from him, but he did give her Renae.

17. I don’t have much of a social life because of a serious lack of funds and the whole three kids thing.

18. I would love to go on the show The Amazing Race just so I could travel.

19. I think it is hilarious when my aunt takes her teeth out and chases my 10 year old son around…because he is really afraid and screams like a girl.

20. Lately I have become obsessed with House…he is such a cute grumpy old man.

Me with the kids. Elijah, Arabelle, Gavin


6 thoughts on “About Amy

  1. Love your new blog, Amy. I’m from Ohio, too (Springfield Township, just southeast of Akron), though I live in Arizona now.

    I was a single mom for 3 years, raising one daughter, so my hat is off to you for raising 3 kids. I’ve been in abusive situations too and I am happy to say that God brings us out of those situations and turns the whole thing around so that we can comfort those who are going through it, too.

    God wants to use you, Amy…maybe through your writing, through teaching your children to love and honor God and/or ministering to other women who are in your situation.

    Just stay as close to God as you can and don’t worry about “doing it right”. If you stay close to Him, he will show you what is right in every situations…all you have to do is cooperate through obedience.

    Praying God’s richest blessings on your writing, your parenting and on your life.

    • Thanks Jan for your encouraging words. It is nice to know that people care even though they don’t know me and probably never will….at least not on this side of heaven. 🙂

    • Hi, Amy I must admit I have only cried three times in my life, Once when I was born, when my mom died in 2009, and when I saw the person who shot me in Iraq, which was a young boy in a small village in which me and some of my fellow soldiers were passing rations out to, now I can only tell you the rest of this based on what some of the other guys witnessed, they say I gave the boy some rations then turned to another when the first kid popped me twice in the hip, later after they stabalized me Lt. Gill asked me if I wanted to see who shot me, at which time they slid over a body bag near my hospital bed and partially unzipped it, when I saw that childs face all I could do was cry, I almost did it again when I read about your abuse, because I was also abused as a child at the hands of my grandfather, which caused me to have anger issues later in life, I channeled that anger by becoming a part of the Army 82nd Airborne 44th batallion, I learned a lot about myself through that training and overseas experience I am sorry what happend to you and your child by that asshole but I do know that this is true what ever does not kill us makes us stronger and wiser. WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT AS WRITERS!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Preston. I don’t know if I can say I am stronger because of all the hardships, but I will say that I am wiser. It breaks my heart to hear the war stories and children killing and being killed, I honestly can’t imagine coming out of that in one piece. (mentally)
    P.S. I probably should update this a bit. The aunt i was referring to in number 19 died in March of this year and I don’t watch House anymore. And my new movie is Pride and Prejudice. 🙂

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