Dishes, How I loathe Thee

Prompt 71: Write about a task, job, or chore that you dislike.

5 minutes…GO!
Dishes are the bane of my existence. If I had my way I would just buy paper plates and throw all my dishes away. I think that would probably get expensive though. There is just something about sticking my hands in a dirty sink of rotten not eaten food particles mixed with dawn dish soap and lukewarm water just grosses me out. And then my fingers get all pruned and white and they look like old people hands.
I remember once my friend star ;looked sat her hands and said they were starting to look old and that made her sad. Just the other day I was looking at my hands and I thought the same thing. I wonder if hands just age differently, more fast. Because you have to use them so much? I guess if I was rich my hands would be perfect, except for my writers bump.
I prefer to write all my stories out long hand so now I have a callous on my third finger. I can’t stand to hold my pencil on the second finger so I use the third. And actually I can not stand write with a pencil. It makes my teeth hurt to hear the lead of a pencil scratch against a piece of paper. I prefer to write with a black pen, but I can also use blue. But I hate fat pens. They irritate me. And I also hate when you buy a pen and the darn things runs out of ink within the first day of using it.
Ok, five minutes up. Not all of this was about dishes either…:/
And seriously I did not stop typing the entire five minutes. I told you I was a slow typer…


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