Christmas Abroad

Prompt 71: Write about a memory related to a holiday

Christmas Abroad
I was nineteen and all alone in a foreign country and the holidays were just around the corner. Every year since childhood our whole family on my mom’s side would congeal at our house for a Christmas celebration. We have a very large and loud family. I remember I was sitting by myself in India and thinking about our family Christmas that would have went on without me that year. Mom would have been sitting at the table with grandma, Kerry, and Poohie talking about everything nursing home related, because everyone worked at a nursing home in one way or another. The kids would have been running around screaming or playing hide and seek. Kathy would be talking really loud above everyone else so she could be sure to get her opinion heard. And always there was tons of food. The much anticipated potato salad made by my aunt Poohie, the cheesy potatoes that aunt Kelly brought,  dirt cake made by my mom, and just so much more. All I had was MTV( which was the only American channel we got) and a few potato filled Rotis. It was depressing.
Then, in the middle of my self pity fest, I got a call to go on a trip to northern India with about 60 other students like myself. I jumped right on board. It was an amazing trip. And on Christmas night we camped out in the dessert around a huge fire and sang Christmas carols at the top of our lungs. Since we were from all over the world, most of us didn’t know the words to all the songs, just part of them but it was so good to be there with people who were also missing home. It made me feel not so alone and reminded me that no matter where I was in the world I still had family and that God was always with me.


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