Your kids have spent years asking you to get them a dog. You finally break down and get them one only to discover that this dog talks but only to you. More interestingly your dog loves to gossip about your kids and their lives. Write a scene where the dog rats the kids out for doing something they shouldn’t.

I flipped my newspaper up higher, trying my best to avoid the brown eyed stare of Ben, the family dog. His tail thumped heavily on the hard wood floor.
“You can’t ignore me forever,” he said happily.
“I can try,” I muttered.
“I need to go.” He got up and paced to the door and back to my feet.
“Come on Ben, can’t you just open the door and let yourself out?”
He tilted his head to the side in what I was sure was supposed to be adorable. “No, I don’t have thumbs.”
“Fine,” I grumbled, rising from the chair. “Make it fast tonight.” I flipped the back porch light on and opened the door. Ben bounded out and down the steps. I stood waiting for him, rubbing my hands briskly over my arms. “You done yet?”
“Mom, who are you talking to?” Matthew, my oldest son asked from the screen door.
“No one.” I turned quickly. “Ben, but he wasn’t answering me,” I said quickly.
He raised his dark eyebrows. “Ok. I’m going to Randy’s. Be back in a few hours.”
“It’s kind of late.”
“Mom, I’m not a baby anymore.”
Right, I had forgotten how big he was getting. It was hard not to see him as a little kid anymore. “Yeah, I know. Be careful.” I watched sadly as he left. When had he gotten so big?
“You should have made him stay home you know,” Ben said bouncing back inside.
I followed and shut the door. “He’s old enough, why wouldn’t I?”
“He’s not going to randy’s.”
“What? Where is he going?”
My eyes widened. “Who’s that?”
“His girlfriend.” Ben sang the word into several syllables.
“I don’t…” I shook my head in disbelief.
“And everyone knows,” Ben continued, “that Ally likes to go all the way.”
My mouth dropped open. I had never signed up to raise teenagers


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