Blank Page

Prompt: A blank Page

I hate looking at a blank page when you have nothing to say. Normally I would say I love a blank piece of paper. The smell of fresh paper may just well be my favorite smell in the world. A single sheet of blank paper has the ability to take you anywhere, to transform your whole life.
Today the page mocks me. It reminds me that I have no story to tell. The words just won’t come.

Oh, how you taunt me,
Tease me with your stare
Showing me what will never be,
Until I want to rip out my hair.

It is just one day
in the grand scheme of things,
I’ll just wait for a way,
To write all of my dreams.

So you can have this one
Oh blank page of mine
This day is almost done,
And I have to write the last line.


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