“Incident at Hawk’s Hill”

What was your favorite book as a kid? Recount the way it made you feel when you read it.

Incident at Hawk’s Hill

I was in sixth grade and we were moving to Grandma Bice’s big white house. Our trailer had almost literally fell apart under us and grandma lived by heself. So in the course of a few days we moved her into a trailer (a whole one) and us into her huge five bedroom house.

I remember everyone around me cleaning stuff out and packing boxes, but all I wanted to do was finish the book I had started. They had moved mom’s brown chair into the kitchen so I could sit there and be out of everyone’s way and I read it all afternoon. I could not put the book down.

If you haven’t read it: the story is about a young boy who gets lost in the woods. He comes across a mother badger who lost all her babies when her foot was caught in a metal trap. She chewed her foot off to get to her babies but they were all dead when she got to them. The mother badger took the boy in as her own. He even drank her milk.

Even now just thinking about it gives me goose bumps. It was such a good story. I cried all the way to the end. When the boy went back to his human family I cried even harder. I don’t have the book now, but I wish I did just to see if it still chokes me up or if I would find it unbelievable now.

The book is by: Allan W. Eckert


The Day My Boss Got Arrested For Prostitution

Prompt: You get into work and find that your boss has left a voicemail message on your phone. The message is urgent. Though, what’s peculiar is that the message is not work related. Write this scene.

The Message

I pulled my sleek black car into the parking lot and step out into the cool morning. My heels make a comforting click-clack sound as I cross the parking lot. Today was the day.
All these months of sleepless nights and crazy hours was finally going to pay off. I almost laughed out loud, but the elevator was full so I held it in.

A two toned beep alerted me to the fact that I had a voice mail. My eyebrows knitted together as I rummaged through my purse for my cell. I had not heard it ring. How odd. One Missed Call. I quickly punched in the numbers and pressed my ear to the phone to hear the message.

“Hey Elise,” the sound of my boss’s voice surprised me. “It’s me. Umm…I was wondering if you could come pick me up. I’m at the third precinct, on Harold Street. Ok, I’ll…see you later.”

My breath whooshed out of lungs. What in the world could have possibly happened between last night and this morning. Bee had left after me, so she really hadn’t had much time to get in trouble. I chewed nervously on the inside of my lip and glanced at my watch.

We were meeting with the board in just two hours. If I hurried…

I darted out the elevator doors as soon as they opened. I jammed the button impatiently on the other side. “going down” I tapped my foot in an annoying rhythm. I would have been irritated with someone like me.

Giving up on the elevator, I rushed to the stairwell and ran as fast as I could manage back to the parking garage. “Oh, this better be good,” I muttered as I fumbled with the keys.

Pushing any kind of luck I had, I made it to third street in ten minutes. I was out the door in a flash.

A bored looking woman sat behind the counter. “Hi,” I gushed, “I’m here to get Beatrice Anderson.” I set my purse on the counter and took my checkbook out. Maybe if she saw I was willing to pay, she would hurry up.

“Frank,” she called lazily, “She’s here to get the prost we picked up last night.”

“The what?”

Her eyes closed and opened again slowly. “That’s going to be 700 bucks to get her out.”

I nodded and wrote the check. She indicated with her eyes for me to look behind me. My mouth dropped open in shock. Bee was coming out of a closed door dressed in a tight black skirt and an equally tight top.

“What are you wearing?” I asked in shock.

“Let’s go,” she responded without giving me any answers.

“What were you arrested for?”

“Prostitution,” the police officer answered for her.

“Really?”  Her lips grew very thin.  “Maybe you could use that today in the meeting we’re goimg to be late to.”  I pursed my lips and followed her out the door.


Promprt:  Matthew Chapter Two


It says in the bible that angels,
appear to us in dreams,
The things we dream, all a jumbled mess,
are not always as they seem.
Maybe God chooses that way,
to speak to his peole, me and you,
because that is the only way,
He can get through.
While we are sleeping is,
the only time we hear,
the only time our busy lives,
allow Him to come near.
If we could just stop and listen,
to what He has to say,
our lives would be easier,
simplier day by day.
Try to listen all the time,
and feel his fatherly love,
oh what peace could be ours,
from our father above.


Promt: Write about how Mary must have felt in Matthew chapter one.

Chosen Mother

It must have been a scary thing,
Mary was barely more than a child,
when the news the angel did bring,
But mary’s outward reaction was mild.
She could not tell a single soul,
that she would carry the savior,
she must have felt so awfully alone,
and her only solace, a prayer.
How she must have wished,
for another to take her place,
someone else to get the angel’s kiss,
and take the worry from her face.
But then, what an honor to be,
chosen by God like that,
the mother of the messiah was she,
and no one else can claim that.
A distinction above anything else,
a love like no other,
so happiness she must have felt,
to be God’s chosen mother.