Prompt: “What do you take?  You have ten minutes to evacuate your house forever!  All family and pets have already escaped.  Write about what you’d imagine yourself taking with you with only the limited time you have.”

My breathing comes out in short little rasps,
“I have to leave forever?” I gasp.
What can I take, how can I choose?
Everything in here, I can’t stand to lose.
Well maybe the lamps and couches can stay,
I’d never be able to carry them anyway.
And the TV wouldn’t be much use to me,
Because tomorrow, who knows where I’ll be.
And the turtle tank is just too heavy to lift,
But the shell inside, now that was a gift.
My books, although they are all so dear,
I suppose those could just stay here.
Oh but my computer where I spend so much time,
I really really really can’t leave that behind.
But I guess my laptop is just as good,
And it’d be easier to carry than the desktop would.
Pictures of my kids are important in my life,
Then again molly has them on her hard drive.
So I think I will have to ta…
What? What’s that you say?
Ten minutes have already come and gone,
And all I did was think too long.

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