Prompt: Is this the answer to our pollution problems? Put up a warning sign and hope for the best or will we take action?


Is it wrong for me not to care that much?  It isn’t that I don’t care about out environment, I do.  I don’t litter and I don’t let my kids litter.  I remember one time when I was in seventh grade I was walking uptown with a friend and I threw my qwrapper on the ground.  when i got hoem, my friend told my mom that I had littered so my mom made me go uptown and pick up that paper.  I think that is why I don’t litter rather than a real concern for the environment.  That’s bad, isn’t it?



1 original, poem on the THEME of America, the Melting Pot for Freedom Kirelle FORMis the ONLY acceptable form.


The Soldier’s Song

We live in a land of great pride,
where brave men and women have died,
to preserve our right to be free,
O God, be merciful to me.


Lives lost and broken hearts,
wars tearing families apart,
and the things soldiers must do and see,
O God, be merciful to me.


They fight for love, honor, and glory,
all those in uniform have a story,
just so people can live; like you and me,
O God, be merciful to me.


They may break down or they may cry out,
but if you only listen to their shout,
it’s the voice of a hero, casn’t you see!
O God, be merciful to me.


We laugh and wave the red, white, and blue,
and thank the soldiers for all they do,
to assure that we’ll always be free,
O God, be merciful to me.



Prompt: I don’t think anyone is really reading this, so for today I am going to post an exerpt from my book that I am working on.

Being a werewolf is harder than it looks. Everyone thinks it is just “morph at the full moon, kill, morph back”. That’s not true. It is a lot harder than that, especially if you are 17 years old. All I wanted at the start of my junior year in high school was to stay in one place long enough to make a friend. Staying in one place was hard for Bella. She never could keep herself out of trouble.

I sighed deeply, almost groaning, as I began to unpack my things. I was a professional mover by the time I was 17. I left all my clothes in two trunks that I set up against the wall. Bella always managed to rent houses that were furnished, but I hardly used the dresser or closets, trunks were easier. This house was nicer though because I didn’t have to share a room with Ivy. She was just one year younger than me, but we were worlds apart. She saw humans as beneath her, and all I wanted was to be one of them. I tucked my hair absently behind my ears. After Bella told us two years ago that long hair made a woman beautiful, I kept mine short. It just barely went below my chin. It was more red than blond, but somehow managed to look orange. I had a natural curl in my hair, but it was so tight that it often just ended up frizzy. I thought I looked like a young Molly Ringwald. My eyes were a pale green and my skin was extremely fair. I don’t know what color Molly’s eyes were. I liked to fantasize that Molly would adopt me and tell everyone I was her daughter.

My sister Ivy, however, loved the life that we had. There was only one time that I could recall when she had thrown a fit about moving. She had gotten herself a boyfriend and refused to go. We stayed there for six months, the longest we had stayed in one place for the last three years. Then ivy turned 13. She morphed in front of her boyfriend. His obituary said he died in a house fire. Bella had laughed and congratulated Ivy on her first kill. It was disgusting, but I think Ivy felt bad. At any rate, she never had another boyfriend. She had a lot of guys asking too. She was beautiful, in the worldly way. She had red hair like mine, but hers was a rich auburn color and she kept it long. And of course, her natural curl was more of just a wave that flowed down her back. Her eyes were a piercing blue, and she used them to her advantage. I don’t believe she did any of her own homework in the last town we stayed.

I shook my head and thought ahead to Monday. School would start. A new start. Maybe in this school, I could be a cheerleader, I thought forlornly. I always thought that if I had remained human I would have been one of those bubbly cheerleading types. True, not much sustenance for adulthood, but I was 17 and I wanted to be bubbly. I wanted the quarter back of the football team to pass me in the hall and say “Hey Willow, what’s up” as he flirtatiously winked at the girl next to me. “Its not fair,” I mumbled under my breath.


Prompt: Today is my son’s birthday so I thought I’d write a blog about him.  Top five stories of Gavin.

1. I remember when I first found out I was pregnant for Gavin.  I was only 19 at the time, and I was so scared to be having a baby.  I remember thinking that from now on I would be a mother.  It was only after I held him in my arms for the very first time that I actually understood what that meant and that I would always forever after that would be a mother first.

2. I was in labor for Gavin for about 18 hours, btu it wasn’t hard labor.  I had a few contractions but nothing too bad.  Then they decided I would ahve to have a C-section.  The cord had wrapped around his neck twice and when he finally did enter the world he was so blue and they barely let me see him.  When they finally did…I just find it amazign how instantly you love them.  Like nothing in the world even matters anymore and you realize exactly what you were born to do.

3. When Gavin was about six months old, he swallowed a quarter.  I had to call 911 because he quit breathing and so did I.  It is a good thing my friend Star was there, she jammed her fingers right down his thraot and pulled that quarter out.  I barely let him on the floor after that.  No wonder he didn’t walk until he was almost a year and a half.

4. When Gavin was four we lived in an apartment that also housed these huge black spiders.  I went to give him a bath and didn’t realize one such monster was already in there.  The thing tried to swim.  It was traumatizing.  Gavin freaked out and refused to go in that bathroom ever again.  He would go outside and pee off the front porch and took baths at my dads.

5. Right after Arabelle was born, I had driven over to my moms to grab something.  I left both kids in their carseat while I ran in for just a minute.  Gavin crawled over the seat and put the car into drive. (I know, I can’t believe I left in running either) He drove that car right into the front of my mom’s house.  Luckily, noone was injured!


Prompt: “What do you take?  You have ten minutes to evacuate your house forever!  All family and pets have already escaped.  Write about what you’d imagine yourself taking with you with only the limited time you have.”

My breathing comes out in short little rasps,
“I have to leave forever?” I gasp.
What can I take, how can I choose?
Everything in here, I can’t stand to lose.
Well maybe the lamps and couches can stay,
I’d never be able to carry them anyway.
And the TV wouldn’t be much use to me,
Because tomorrow, who knows where I’ll be.
And the turtle tank is just too heavy to lift,
But the shell inside, now that was a gift.
My books, although they are all so dear,
I suppose those could just stay here.
Oh but my computer where I spend so much time,
I really really really can’t leave that behind.
But I guess my laptop is just as good,
And it’d be easier to carry than the desktop would.
Pictures of my kids are important in my life,
Then again molly has them on her hard drive.
So I think I will have to ta…
What? What’s that you say?
Ten minutes have already come and gone,
And all I did was think too long.


Prompt: Make a list of the twelve worst movies of all time.

1. Mega Pirhana

2. Easy A

3. Frozen

4. Marigold

5. Grease 2

6. The Hottie and the Nottie

7. Freddy Got Fingered

8. Sunday School Musical

9. Timer

10. Tommy and the Cool Mule


Prompt: List seven reasons to turn down a marriage proposal.

My List.

!. The man is actually a woman who has a deep voice and facial hair.

2. The man enjoys baking – in high heels and a pink apron.

3. The man works for a company that sells children on the black market.

4. You met him this morning, behind the counter at the gas station.

5. His idea of a good time is throwing rocks in the air to see if the bats outside will mistake it for an insect.

6. He uses Your instead of You’re.

7. And definately say no if he prefers Michigan State over Ohio State.