Prompt: My aunt died very suddenly last week.  This is a poem I wrote for her.  RIP Aunt Kerry March 12, 2011

A Life Remembered

Sometimes words are just not enough,

And we just can’t manage to be tough.

Sometimes hurt cuts deeper than knives,

And we can’t even imagine going on with our lives.

It seems as though pain is all we can feel,

And each moment it seems even more surreal.

The mad hatter came and knocked us to the ground,

We had no suspicion, he came without a sound.

And we are left here to carry on,

Still not believing that she could be gone.

But we stand shakily on our feet,

And our hearts continue its steady beat.

Days go on and night still falls,

And our families stand together through it all.

God wraps his arms around our crying hearts,

And leads us somehow out of the dark.

My aunt, your sister, your friend, your mother,

Stays with us in memories and each other.

And maybe someday we’ll smile at her laugh and crazy hair,

And we might not cry everyday that she’s not there.

But for today our tears blind our eyes,

As we remember her loving , wonderful life.


One thought on “3/20

  1. Touching. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Your Aunt was a very special lady that touched the lives of many.

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