Prompt 66: What was the worst meal you’ve ever had?

Banana Muffins

Sometimes I have to cook at my job. So, the other day I had to make banana nut bread. I have never made it before so I asked my boss to show me how to make it. I only had about twenty minutes before she was leaving for the day so (I guess this wasn’t enough time) she told me to just use the muffin mix in the pantry – the kind that “you just add water”- and then cut bananas into it. Cook it- Voila!


The muffin mix was orange fruit muffins and when I tried to mix the bananas into it, they turned to mush. Them when I cooked them, the tops burned while the banana mess inside was like mush. Wow, it was so bad. And yes, I did just own up to it! And they used it the next day!


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