Prompt 64: List 10-15 things worth saving then choose 1 of those things and write about it.

My List:

1. Myself

2. My kids

3. A marriage

4. Pictures

5. Pennies

6. 1st curl

7. Pets

8. Your check stubs

9. Leftovers

10. Your honor


Some people say “what can you buy with a penny?” That is true, but if you save them, it’s a different story all together. I mean, after 100 are saved you have a dollar. And the kids don’t steal your pennies, because it is just a penny!




One thought on “1/27

  1. I sit smiling, looking at the penny jar on my desk that will become my vacation this summer. The kids only see worthless pennies…I LOVE pennies 😉

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