Prompt 61: List the names of 5-8 of your relatives and write a profile (in 50 words or less) of each.


1. Molly:

A young woman always on the brink of life, who is only searching for that chance to be great. A mother, a wife, a daughter, and a sister. Molly likes to laugh at things that others may not find funny, and gets mad at things that others would not get mad about. She can make anything look beautiful, even a plastic bag.

2. Jenny:

This young woman is a nervous thing. She flitters through life with bated breath. Sometimes I think she misses out on so much merely because she is afraid to live. Maybe it a confidence issue, maybe she has never seen herself as good enough, maybe because no one treats her like she is. But she is, truly she is.

3. Michael:

The constant party goer, that may never grow up, but he would do anything for anyone. Always equipped with a witty comeback, he may sound mean most of the time. He is only kidding, at least I think so.

4. Joy:

A young woman who can bring you to tears with laughter. Everything is funny when you are with her. It is not possible to have a bad time when you are with Joy. Instantly comfortable and welcoming is this woman. She works really hard, and is often way to hard on herself. She is a great mother and a great homemaker.

5. Kris:

For a long time, she was the only Christian I knew. I wanted to be Christian because of her. She is woman who is firm in her beliefs and walks close to God. In aspire to have such a faith and such a relationship with God.


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