Prompt 65: Write about Valentines day without mentioning these words: Valentines day, cupid, love, roses, flowers, hearts, February.

Day Fourteen

On the fourteenth day of the second month, I did nothing out of the ordinary. Being a woman of single status, I was forced to carry on with duties as if it were just another day. I went to work, was sufficiently stressed out, came home, was stressed out again, and then went to bed. Oh, to contain my excitement. I did watch Pride and Prejudice though…that was fraught with romance.



Prompt 64: List 10-15 things worth saving then choose 1 of those things and write about it.

My List:

1. Myself

2. My kids

3. A marriage

4. Pictures

5. Pennies

6. 1st curl

7. Pets

8. Your check stubs

9. Leftovers

10. Your honor


Some people say “what can you buy with a penny?” That is true, but if you save them, it’s a different story all together. I mean, after 100 are saved you have a dollar. And the kids don’t steal your pennies, because it is just a penny!




Prompt 62: A funny thing happened on my way to…


A funny thing happened on my way to Atlantis. My brother and I were going to find the legendary city under the sea. When we got there, we were pretty sure that we would find mermaids and swim with the dolphins. Only the dolphins wouldn’t be like regular dolphins, they would be the pets of the mermaids. The mer – people, as they prefer to be called, would have leashes and take their dolphins for walks. We were excited to see the path ways that were probably green with seaweed. The king, of course, would have his triton, causing hurricanes. I was pretty sure that we could talk him into keeping them away from the land. Then we would be heroes. But then a funny thing happened on the way. My mom informed us that we would have to travel a long way to get to the ocean. Who knew that Atlantis was in the ocean?


Prompt 61: List the names of 5-8 of your relatives and write a profile (in 50 words or less) of each.


1. Molly:

A young woman always on the brink of life, who is only searching for that chance to be great. A mother, a wife, a daughter, and a sister. Molly likes to laugh at things that others may not find funny, and gets mad at things that others would not get mad about. She can make anything look beautiful, even a plastic bag.

2. Jenny:

This young woman is a nervous thing. She flitters through life with bated breath. Sometimes I think she misses out on so much merely because she is afraid to live. Maybe it a confidence issue, maybe she has never seen herself as good enough, maybe because no one treats her like she is. But she is, truly she is.

3. Michael:

The constant party goer, that may never grow up, but he would do anything for anyone. Always equipped with a witty comeback, he may sound mean most of the time. He is only kidding, at least I think so.

4. Joy:

A young woman who can bring you to tears with laughter. Everything is funny when you are with her. It is not possible to have a bad time when you are with Joy. Instantly comfortable and welcoming is this woman. She works really hard, and is often way to hard on herself. She is a great mother and a great homemaker.

5. Kris:

For a long time, she was the only Christian I knew. I wanted to be Christian because of her. She is woman who is firm in her beliefs and walks close to God. In aspire to have such a faith and such a relationship with God.


Prompt 60: Write about the biggest lie you ever told.

Liar Liar Bum on Fire

How do I confess,
The lies I have told?
Which should I address,
Dare I be so bold?
The white lies,
I have told my share,
It will come as no surprise
Total truth I can not bare.
But what is the biggest,
The badest of them all?
My fourth grade spelling test?
The unanswered call?
Maybe it was the time
They asked how I was
I said just fine,
Isn’t that what everyone does?


Prompt 59: Write about a joyous moment.


I had a very joyous moment just the other day. I finished my book. I always start books and never finish them, I can not tell you how many notebooks I have of unfinished books. But just last week, I finished one that I have been working on for almost two years.

It is about vampires, love it!



Prompt 57: Try to use all of the words in a story: plastic bottle, hockey puck, dirty handkerchief, crumpled note, unhinged door.

The Choice:

Mary-Anne Marsh took out the crumpled note and smoothed it on the table with the back of her hand. She straightened her rim-rod back and took a deep breath through her dainty nose. She scooted herself on the cushioned kitchen chair. She took another deep breath, still not daring to look at the words that she already knew were there. Very slowly she let her pale green eyes look down the end of her nose to glance at the note again.

“My dearest Annie,” She gasped slightly and crumpled the note again. She covered her perfectly shaped mouth with her well-manicured fingers. How could he do this to her? And to send the note to her office. She brought her hand to her chest, trying to calm her heart. Anyone could have seen the private message. Why after all these years did he want to talk to her? And why did her heart still have to react to him?

Her small round chin quivered as she straightened the paper again. Just four lines, four lines that had changed so much.

“My dearest Annie,I know you are angry about the way I left. I had to though Annie. Please let me explain things and maybe we can…I don’t know. Meet me at “our” house…tonight at eight.”

Mary, as she liked to be called now, crumpled the note for the last time and tossed it into the waste basket. Then, on a whim, she took it back out and shoved it into her purse, she would throw it away later outside of the house. It would never do for Anthony to find it. She couldn’t stop the shiver that went down her spine.

Anthony had agreed to marry her only on the strict agreement that she would never speak of that “other man” again. And really, what choice did she have? Danny had left her alone, broken, and penniless. When rich business man, Anthony Marsh offered a way out, she took it. Consequences be damned. Now, six years later, the note.

Mary pulled the car to a stop outside of an abandoned house. “their house” was in fact just an old house that probably should have been torn down, but they had big dreams. Dreams that had been cut short. Mary laid her head on the steering wheel. What was she doing? Determined that answers were all she wanted, Mary got out of the car and stomped the short way to the unhinged front door.

She kicked a plastic bottle out of her way, and stepped over a dirty handkerchief on the floor. “Danny?” she called softly. She had to fight her way over dirty trash, broken glass, pop cans, and even an old hockey puck until she got to a small room. “Danny?” Where was he?

In the shadows behind a door Danny watched as the beautiful red head stepped in. his breathing accelerated until he had to put his hand over his mouth so she wouldn’t hear him. His eyes throbbed a dull red. In the pale moon light, Danny’s snarls became louder.