Prompt 56: Write about a good thing gone bad.

You and Me
He rode in on a white horse,
My Prince Charming so true,
He smiled, charming- of course,
“I promise to always love you.”
Words of love and happily ever after
A life full to the brim with things that are good.
We would write our story, chapter after chapter.
Boy, he really had me fooled.
It didn’t take long to show his true form
His words did a complete turn around
I was distraught, anxious, and torn,
He did his best to always put me down.
His words were cruel,
And cut straight to my heart,
Alcohol was his fuel,
He broke my world apart.
I gave up everything,
To be his prisoner,
Sitting on the wings,
Never having my turn.
It got real bad though,
As bad things often do,
There came a time to go,
To say goodbye to all I’d been through.
But it never really goes away,
No matter that we left,
No matter what they say,
I’ll never be quite…me.



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