Prompt 51: List 10 things you can do with tissue paper. Pick one from the list and write about it.

Tissue Paper

1. Stuff a gift bag

2. Make a piñata

3. Stuff a box

4. Make a wreath

5. Use it as a doily

6. Use it for scrap paper

7. Glue it on paper towel rolls and call it art

8. Make a sign to show school spirit

9. Decorate a scrap book

10. Roll it on the end of your pencil, dip it in glue, and stick it to paper to make various shapes and designs

Stuff a Box

You could ball tissue paper up and put it on the bottom of a box so that it looks like the box is fuller than it is. Stores do it all the time, so why not? Then it will look like you got that certain someone a very large gift!


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