Prompt 47: In 500 words or less, write about a plate of sunshine.


I’m not very good at writing things like this,

The happy analogies, the happiness kiss.

A plate of sunshine can not really be so,

No plate could withstand the heat, don’t you know?

I don’t really understand why the sun equals happy,

The sun hurts my eyes and makes me feel crappy.

Ok, so I know that was a bad line,

Just trying to, you know, make it rhyme.

But seriously, is it because the sun is so bright?

Because it is a big ball of light?

I just think happiness could be better displayed,

As a big huge umbrella on a rainy day.

Or the sound of your children as they sleep,

Your day is done, you can put up your feet.

Why can’t happiness be the lady on the other line,

Who tells you the results came back just fine.

A plate of sunshine I’d rather not have,

A million dollars wouldn’t be bad…..


9 thoughts on “1/2

  1. Hello Amy!
    I wandered over here after a trip to Jingle’s site. This was fun, and very remiicent of some things I’ve done – which means of course that it is EXCELLENT! 😀

    I have a project on WEbook entitled “Odes to the Everyday.” You might enjoy reading them, but better yet, join the project and contribute some! Here’s the link:


    Thanks for the smile, and the plate of umbrella. . .

  2. you did well….

    keep it up..

    How are you?

    Want to make more poetic friends? You have to become a participant and stay active with fellow poets. Join Us Now, it is free and fun!

    Please leave your link under my agreement post when you are ready…Poetry Awards are assigned upon completion…Hope to see you in…

    Your poetry rocks!
    Keep Writing, Happy 2011!

  3. Thank you Jingle! It is nice that you like my writing. I have never considered myself a poet, but I may try your site out. I enjoy writing poetry…it takes just a few minutes to write…:)

  4. Love your poetry work here.

    Your link is under fresh poets to explore,
    Happy Tuesday, come in on or by Wednesday …


    Let me know if you have questions.

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