Prompt 50: Write about a town that ran out of sugar supply.


“Well this just won’t do,” Mrs. Brown cried in agitation, “this won’t do at all.” She wrung her frail hands.

“Don’t you worry ma’am, Mr. Hark will have his next shipment in soon, right?” Jeff Mills stood rigidly inside the store, glaring at the shopkeeper.

“I don’t know what to tell you,” Mr. Hark choked out in his strange accent.

Mrs. Hemprey had always known she couldn’t trust that man, with the narrow eyes and pale skin. She glared at him darkly, “When will the sugar get here exactly?” she snapped.

“It should have come in this morning,” he tried to explain again to the barely civil crowd.

“I had to drink my tea with no sugar,” Mr. Milton complained loudly.

“And what about my cake?” Mrs. Brown’s eyes pooled with unshed tears.

“I’m sure that this will work out. I must have forgotten to order it.” Mr. Hark ran his hand nervously across his forehead.

“We trust you to get the things we need,” Mills said loudly. “What are we going to do now?”

“If you just…” Mr. Hark backed himself into the wall. He held his hands out to defend himself from the suddenly violent crowd.

“Maybe the next shopkeeper will remember to order sugar,” Mrs. Milton said crossly.


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