Prompt: Really?

She sat quietly with her hands twisted in her lap. I knew she was waiting for me but I hesitated to join her. I hated talking to people, especially human ones. As soon as she saw me, her hands quit their twisting. She stared at me expectantly. Well, I took a deep breath, I had promised Achilles. I waved Marina over to join me.

“What did she say?” she whispered. “Is she going to kill me?”

Her eyes were round as saucers and I could hear her heart racing. “No, not yet.

“Oh.” She nodded her head, her eyes still round, her heart still racing. Why was she still so scared, I had just told her she wasn’t dying yet. “She wants to talk to Achilles first.”

“Oh,” she said again.

“Come on.” I didn’t grab her hand or sling her on my back, but I figured the girl was capable of walking. She was. She followed me along the east corridor of the castle, where all of our rooms were located. I was sure the others wouldn’t like that Marina was there, but they all respected Achilles enough not to bother her. Achilles would decide what to do with her. If he changed her, he would stay with her forever, and if he didn’t change her….I wasn’t sure.

It wasn’t like we could change every human we felt sorry for. It had to be a change for love. True love’s kiss. Isn’t that what the fairy tales called it? I had to believe that true love existed. I had proof. Damien and Kiera. Marcus and Claudia. Paris and Abbey. Rueben and Raven. Who could have guessed that I would fall in love with Achilles and that Achilles would fall in love with a human. If he even loved her, I wasn’t sure if Achilles knew how to love. I hadn’t thought so before, but spending all this time with him and Marina, I wasn’t sure of anything anymore.

I stopped in front of an old familiar door. I hadn’t been back in years, centuries, but it still felt familiar. They had left it for me to return to, that had to mean something. I automatically looked at the door to my right. Dominick’s room. No one had seen him. I sighed and then pushed open my own door.

The room was just as I remembered it. There was a huge bed set in the center of the room. Complete with balcony and enough blankets to cover most of eastern Europe. I grimaced at the thought of sharing the bed with marina – no way. After I could tare my eyes from the bed, my eyes darted to the other furniture, each piece bringing back a flood of memories. The desk, an oversized chair, the bureau. I walked over to the old wardrobe and pulled open the door. I sucked in my breath at the sight of the old dresses still hanging there, in perfect condition.

“Is this your room?” Marina brought me out of memory lane with her question. I was surprised to see her tracing her finger along the pattern on the wall tapestry. “It’s very pretty.”

“The room or the wall?”

“Both.” She smiled.

“This was my room. A very long time ago.”

“Who’s room is it now?”

I rolled my eyes. “It’s still mine, I guess.”

“So, do we just wait here for Achilles then?”

“He should be here soon. Tonight or tomorrow at the latest.”

“And then?”

She already knew the answer to that. “I don’t know yet what will happen.”

“I don’t want him to change me,” she blurted out.

I jerked my head back in surprise. “Why not?”

“Then he would be stuck with me forever.”

“Maybe he wants to be stuck with you.”

She shook her head back and forth. “He doesn’t love me at all Elizabeth. Don’t you know that?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “You don’t know what Achilles feels. I used to think he doesn’t feel anything.”

She walked around the bed and came to stop directly in front of me, making me feel uncomfortable. “I know he loves you, Elizabeth. It was always you.”

My stomach felt like it dropped out through my feet. “That’s…” A knock on the door brought the world back to focus and my sentence left unfinished. Who could that be? Six faces went through my mind. Which one was it?


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