Prompt: Still Catch up!

The cool October air pulled viciously at my hair and my clothes. I pulled my jacket tighter across my chest as I waited for the bus. I bounced a quick rhythm in an effort to keep warm. I breathed out and a burst of white breath lingered by my face. I didn’t glance around as I stood there, I just kept my eyes straight ahead on the road.

I didn’t even know why I had agreed to come out this late. What was I thinking? My impatience and aggravation soon gave way to worry. I had just decided to return to my apartment when the bus pulled up. There was an agonized moment of indecision while I watched three other people board the bus. “You coming?” asked the driver.

My cell phone vibrated in my pocket and I sighed heavily. I bounded up the three steps into the bus. By the time I took a seat near the front, my phone was going off again. I rolled my eyes and flipped it open without looking at the caller ID. “Yes Mitch, I am on my way,” I said in place of hello. I didn’t smile as I listened to him raving about why I had to be there tonight.

“We can’t do this without you Rina,” he pleaded.

“Mitch, I’m already on my way,” I told him calmly. “”I’m sitting on the bus.”

“You are?” His voice rose in excitement.

I nodded but realizing he couldn’t see me I said, “yes.” The slightest hint of a smile tugged at my lips. “I’ll see you in a little bit,” I promised before flipping the phone closed.

I folded my hands in my lap and stared out the window at the night scenery flying by. I couldn’t imagine why Mitch needed me there tonight. They had already gone over the scene at least a hundred times before I left a few hours earlier. What could I possibly add to it, unless they had started a different scene. I tightened my lips I brief aggravation. Mitch Lee was an intense director. He almost always finished his movies weeks ahead of schedule. I liked working with the man, despite his eccentric hours.

I absent mindedly fingered the gold pass pinned to my jacket. Being a script writer for Mitch Lee certainly had its advantages, I thought. There was still a strict national curfew of 9:00 PM, even after almost five years had passed since the asteroid. The gold pin that I was still stroking allowed me to be out as long as I pleased. The passed were hard to come by and I wondered again at Mitch’s uncanny ability to get them.

When I had asked him about it he had went off on a dramatic spiel. “The world needs our kind of movies Rina. They need to be taken out of the reality around them, even for just a few hours.” He had then put his hands on my shoulders and looked directly into my eyes. His tone was completely serious. “What we do is important Marina, even the military can see that.” I had been breathless as his excitement consumed me.

Now I sat quietly while the bus rattled through the nearly vacant streets. It was 9:45 now and the only people out either had passes or were trouble makers. I glanced only briefly at the woman who had entered the bus just before me with two men. The woman had come to sit directly in front of me. I hated the way my heart sped up with fright. I kept my eyes trained on the window but I no longer saw the scenery flashing by.

“Excuse me,” the woman said turning around in her seat. She flashed a brilliant smile that left me momentarily breathless. Her startling blue eyes looked kindly at me. I took in the woman’s beyond beautiful looks and forgot to be terrified. She had long blond hair with a slight wave. Her full lips were the perfect shade of red. She had no tan but rather than look pale, she was more porcelain.

“Yeah?” I asked, realizing I sounded raspy. I cleared my throat.

“Could I use your cell?” the woman asked sweetly.


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