Prompt 46: In 200 words, describe a hot day.

Heat Wave

The sun rippled off the road, creating a visible wave of heat. The trees hung limply in the air, the wind refusing to dance with them. Marianne moped the sweat from her too warm brow. Her simple white tee shirt clung uncomfortably to her frame. She exhaled loudly and glared up at the sky. Not a cloud in sight. She tucked her hat tighter on her head and continued along her straight path.

She could hear the water flowing in the distance but it was still so far away. Marianna kicked her shoes off her swelling feet and strung them around her fingers. She exhales again, making her hair ruffle slightly. “How much further,” she whined. Yeah, she was probably to old for whining, but it was hot.

The boy in front of her, leading the way, stopped and turned. “Not to much further,” he promised. Again.


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