Prompt 45: In 200 words, write about what this metaphor makes you think of: “a garnish of joy”


This makes me smile a little. The only thing I can think of is my cousin Joy, as a garnish. When we were little Joy and I were best friends, then we grew apart when we took different paths in life. She went to a bigger school and got into a rougher crowd. Then in tenth grade she moved to my school for half a semester. We became joined at the hip. We used to get high before school and I got drunk for the first time that year. Also I went to my first ever rave, which is just a party outside where everyone does acid. Of course, I did too. There was no lasting effect from that time. She moved back and I turned “good” again. She sis drugs for a while but then she cleaned up too. I still talk to her sometimes, she is my cousin still!


3 thoughts on “12/25

  1. Wow I was such a bad bad influence then..This Joy is such a different people..I wish we could be that close again 😦 How time changes everything..

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