Prompt 56: Write about a good thing gone bad.

You and Me
He rode in on a white horse,
My Prince Charming so true,
He smiled, charming- of course,
“I promise to always love you.”
Words of love and happily ever after
A life full to the brim with things that are good.
We would write our story, chapter after chapter.
Boy, he really had me fooled.
It didn’t take long to show his true form
His words did a complete turn around
I was distraught, anxious, and torn,
He did his best to always put me down.
His words were cruel,
And cut straight to my heart,
Alcohol was his fuel,
He broke my world apart.
I gave up everything,
To be his prisoner,
Sitting on the wings,
Never having my turn.
It got real bad though,
As bad things often do,
There came a time to go,
To say goodbye to all I’d been through.
But it never really goes away,
No matter that we left,
No matter what they say,
I’ll never be quite…me.




Prompt 55: Write a 150 word profile of someone named “Margaret Mallory”


She swept her brown curls off her shoulder with a huff. Usually she kept her unruly hair tied back but there wasn’t time this morning. Her naked lips were set in a hard line. No time for lip gloss either, not that Margaret would have thought to put any on. She flexed the hard muscles on her legs as she waited impatiently for passengers to load. The was the worst part about riding the city bus, stopping every five minutes. She was careful not to sigh too often, but it was difficult. Her green eyes stayed focused on the front of the bus, willing the driver to just leave the slow old lady behind. She was late! Her tennis-shoed toe started a rhythm on the hard floor. Late, late, late!


Prompt 54: Think of a human attribute for “pride” and free write on it for 5 minutes.

The Face in The Mirror
She is just so lovely, I grin
Her long golden hair, the dimple on her chin
The curl that just ever so slightly shows,
And look at those cheeks, the rosy glow!
I grin even wider to show my lovely smile
Turning my head to see that side for a while.
I trace my finger along my jaw
Never a more beautiful girl have I saw.
My nose is such a perfect shape
No wonder everyone stares and gapes.
I sigh as the sun begins to darken the room
My reflection will be hidden from me soon.
Just one more peek before its too late,
“Don’t worry me, I’ll see you on a later date.”


Prompt 52: Write about the “Fickle finger of fate”


I am not sure what this really means. Fate? Is there such a thing? I don’t really think so. Fickle…this must refer to the fact that life is always changing. The only thing that is constant is that things will change. I once heard a Christian speaker talking about his. He said his favorite verse in the bible is “And it came to pass…” This is so true, everything passes. Be it good or bad…it changes. don’t get too comfortable. I have never thought too much in depth about fate. I believe in one God..the one God. He does have things sorted out for me…but I don’t refer to it as fate.


Prompt 51: List 10 things you can do with tissue paper. Pick one from the list and write about it.

Tissue Paper

1. Stuff a gift bag

2. Make a piñata

3. Stuff a box

4. Make a wreath

5. Use it as a doily

6. Use it for scrap paper

7. Glue it on paper towel rolls and call it art

8. Make a sign to show school spirit

9. Decorate a scrap book

10. Roll it on the end of your pencil, dip it in glue, and stick it to paper to make various shapes and designs

Stuff a Box

You could ball tissue paper up and put it on the bottom of a box so that it looks like the box is fuller than it is. Stores do it all the time, so why not? Then it will look like you got that certain someone a very large gift!


Prompt 50: Write about a town that ran out of sugar supply.


“Well this just won’t do,” Mrs. Brown cried in agitation, “this won’t do at all.” She wrung her frail hands.

“Don’t you worry ma’am, Mr. Hark will have his next shipment in soon, right?” Jeff Mills stood rigidly inside the store, glaring at the shopkeeper.

“I don’t know what to tell you,” Mr. Hark choked out in his strange accent.

Mrs. Hemprey had always known she couldn’t trust that man, with the narrow eyes and pale skin. She glared at him darkly, “When will the sugar get here exactly?” she snapped.

“It should have come in this morning,” he tried to explain again to the barely civil crowd.

“I had to drink my tea with no sugar,” Mr. Milton complained loudly.

“And what about my cake?” Mrs. Brown’s eyes pooled with unshed tears.

“I’m sure that this will work out. I must have forgotten to order it.” Mr. Hark ran his hand nervously across his forehead.

“We trust you to get the things we need,” Mills said loudly. “What are we going to do now?”

“If you just…” Mr. Hark backed himself into the wall. He held his hands out to defend himself from the suddenly violent crowd.

“Maybe the next shopkeeper will remember to order sugar,” Mrs. Milton said crossly.


Prompt 49: What do you do on a rainy day? Write about it in 250 words.

Rainy day

On the very rainiest of days, the kind when you can not possibly go outside, this is the kind of day when I decide to board the pirates ship. I have been looking at it for a while now. It is moored just in my line of sight. It’s probably a bad idea, but maybe…

I shake my head to dispel the haunting images of the last time I saw my sister. It was a different pirate ship, another day, but still the same. Pirates! With a firm resolve, my mind is set. I can just stow away on the ship, stay completely hidden. They would never even know I was there. Then they would take me to their secret world and I would find Isabella. I breathed deeply through my nose and crept to the very edge of the plank. Without giving myself a chance to change my mind, I plunged into the icy waters. I wasn’t expecting the waves to be so rough, the water to be so cold. I sucked in a big gulp of air. No turning back now, even if I wanted to. I forced my frigid arms to start working again, to take me to the ship waiting patiently for me to board. I wasn’t counting on the captain of the ship to be watching me as I half drowned, half swam towards him. And I certainly didn’t expect a pirate to be so…handsome.

This is my rainy days…making up stories.