Prompt 40: List 20 things that annoy you. Pick one and write about it.


1. When Arabelle whines her words

2. Six puppies running around the house

3. When 60 minutes runs over

4. A dirty cup after you finish the dishes

5. Cigarettes in a pop can

6. Loud music

7. Gavin saying mom 20 times when I am trying to read a book and I have to read the same sentence 20 times

8. Cliffhangers

9. Debt Collectors

10. Noise making toys (all I can say to the man that made these.. “dude, I hope you have triplets.”)

11. Reruns that you’ve already seen

12. Certain co-workers

13. The lady at the dollar store that buys 60 cans of cat food…(Really? And why the heck do I ALWAYS end up behind her?)

14. Trying to find a thumbtack in the junk drawer

15. Mediacom (anyone who has it would understand)

16. When you buy a 4 dollar bag of chips and it is half gone before you take a chip out of it.

17. Slow internet connection

18. When I can’t find a pen

19. When I get the Umizoomi theme song stuck in my head

20. Radio stations that play ONLY Christmas music (this one sounds bad)


My favorite topic right now, I guess. They are getting bigger every day. Odessa has decided that she hates them now. If they even go near her she growls and tries to take their little heads off. Bad mother of the year award goes to her. I said from the beginning it was like a fourteen year old having a baby, so I guess that’s why she is so fed up with them. But hello, she is the one that got knocked up.

They poop now, big poop. Probably because they are eating real food now. Gavin puked the other day because Odessa eats all their poop. She can be sleeping across the room and one of them poops and she flies over there to slurp it up. It is gross. You can hear her gulping it down. And she has to take bites because it is big. Eww, enough about puppy poop.

They don’t sleep all together anymore. They sleep anywhere, not even in their box. So today I took apart the box and just made them a bed in the corner where the box used to be. It looks better. Right now three brown ones are sleeping on said bed. One is sleeping by my foot. One is chasing Elijah around (who stayed home from school sick..grr..) That’s five, I don’t see number six. He is probably behind the chair, hiding from Elijah.

They chew everything now too. This morning one of them was chewing on Arabelle’s boot while it was on her foot. And Arabelle let it. They are just like real puppies now, like the ones that should be at someone‘s house, their pet.


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