Prompt 39: Write an exaggeration of an ailment or illness.

True Story

*Names have been changed*

Lulu McAllister has always been known for blowing things out of proportion. Be it a broken dish, which was thrown at her head from across the room and shattered on the wall behind her only because she managed to duck at the right time, or a cussing out, which was in fact only a slight roll of the eye. Truth be known, we all laugh behind our hands and shake our heads when she tells us her outrageous stories.

“My daughter was bit by a poisonous spider,” she exclaimed one day in a near panic. “She might die so I absolutely have to go home right now. They are rushing her to the hospital for goodness sakes!”

“Go Lulu,” we all cried in unison. “My goodness, your daughter may be dying.”

“False alarm,” she explained the next day, “it was actually only a boil on her leg.”

We all sighed a sigh of relief, at least Lulu’s daughter was okay. But lo and behold, the very next day bad news again.

“They think it might be cancer,” she said with her mouth set so grim, “they’re doing a biopsy next week. I need Wednesday off.”

I wonder if she will even go to the hospital. What can they do for a boil…I mean cancer…I mean poisonous spider?


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