Prompt 35: List ten challenges you’ve face in the last three months. Pick one challenge and write about it.


1. Making peanut butter cookies

2. Affording the kid’s birthday parties/presents

3. Odessa having puppies

4. Getting garnished

5. Gavin’s math grade at school

6. The dryer went out

7. My sister started dating someone new

8. Getting the kids a winter coat

9. Reading my bible on a regular basis

10. Replacing the floor that the dogs ate


Odessa is my almost year old chow mix. She is all black and used to be cute as a button. For about a week. I have struggled with her the entire time I have had her. I like her, but sometimes I would just like to throw her off a cliff. Good thing my town has no cliffs, just saying!

This, wonderful, dog eats everything. She ate my son’s blanket, two chairs, the kitchen floor, the dining room floor, the bookcase, books, dishes, every spatua I buy, DVD cases, bras, toys, the plunger (actually a lot of plungers), a bottle of pills, fish food (lots). The list just goes on and on and on. When she ate our two living room chairs, I searched really hard for that cliff!

Well, two months ago she ended up pregnant. I was absolutely not happy about this new headache from my, beautiful, dog. But now, we have six puppies. They are the cutest thing ever. All they do is whine, cry, and pee on the floor. I can’t wait until the middle of January when they can go to their new homes. They are cute though. Really cute!


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