Prompt 33: List 20 things you’re afraid of. Pick one fear and write about it.


1. Bats

2. Alex

3. Something happening to my kids

4. Heights

5. Being possessed by a demon

6. Failing

7. Driving on icy roads

8. Dishes (maybe I just don’t like them)

9. Dying too young

10. Really bad storms

11. Scary movies

12. Gavin being a “bad kid”

13. Blood

14. Needles

15. Sharks

16. Roller coasters

17. Confrontation

18. Snakes

19. Spiders

20. Predators on the internet

I don’t much care for this prompt. Why would I want to dwell on the things that scare me? It says in the bible that God did not give us a spirit of fear. Actually, most of the things on my list aren’t really fears, more so just worries (which is also sinful) you know, “Do not worry about tomorrow, today has enough worries” sort of thing. Bats, No one likes bats. They are disgusting little flying rats that get in your house and flap around like demonic beings. And everyone knows that they get caught in your hair, right? Alex, my husband. I just worry about him, a lot. I worry that he will come here, and that would not be good on so many levels. Anyone that has kids can relate to number 3, more a worry than a fear. Heights. I am afraid of heights, undeniably. I don’t like scary movies, never seen a shark, I’m not afraid of storms but if a really bad one came I am not sure of we are protected enough here. Spiders and snakes, ewww!

Needles is the one on my list that is a fear that is unrealistic. I guess it is a phobia of sorts. I hate getting shots of any sort or having blood drawn. When I had to get my TB test done at work, I almost had a panic attack. For anyone that has ever had one done, try not to laugh. They are such a small needle, and it doesn’t hurt at all. I mean at all. But just the thought of it makes my heart speed up and my hands get clammy. I went to school for nursing and had to take a pharmacy class. Just holding the needle made me shake so bad that I could not give an injection. I tried, but it wasn’t something I could do.


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