Prompt 32: You’re in a room full of people and you’re the only blind person there. Describe the room and the people in your mind.

Flu Season in Asera
You can always tell when flu season has hit
Everyone comes to the local doctor for a visit
The waiting room is full to the brim
Of sick patients, looking grim
A single person, I can not see,
But the sounds and smells is enough for me
Mr. Jenson is a few seats away,
I know because of the things he says.
“Isn’t that doc ever gonna get here?
When I was a boy, we didn’t see the doc all year”
The lady sitting next to me, I don’t know her name
But her daughter is the reason she came
She hasn’t sneezed one time and she is sighing through her nose,
She’s tapping her nails on the chair, and snapping her phone open and closed.
An impatient patient to be sure
But I guess I should be glad to be sitting by her
At least its not someone coughing and sneezing,
Blowing their noses, and moaning and wheezing.
Mr. McKnight, the nurse lady calls,
That’s not me, and my shoulders fall.

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