Time to play catch up. Not sure how I got so far behind, but today is 12-4. Yikes!

Prompt 28: What’s the most boring day you’ve had? Describe it, make it sound not boring at all.

Computer basics 101

I fumbled in my bag for my password. Ugh, I hated going back to school after so much time had gone by. And who the heck decided that I needed to take computer basics. I punched the series of numbers and letters that I would never be able to remember and the screen whirred to life. Minutes later the teacher came in with a bundle of papers under his arm. He pushed his glasses up on his crooked nose.

“Class,” he droned, “today you won’t be using your computers. Lecture day.” Why did he sound so excites? Four hours n the history of the computer?

My eyes widened and I met eyes with my lab partner. We were in for a treat.

The minutes ticked by on the large clock above the teachers head. The hands chased each other around as if they were small puppies or kittens just learning to walk. I could almost picture them running and biting each other, their small tails wagging vigorously.

Someone near me tapped their pencil to the rhythm of a familiar song. Soon everyone was bobbing their heads to the beat. The teacher droned on, oblivious to anything but the sound of his own voice.

Almost a year later, he finished his lecture.


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