Prompt 27: Write a story about an empty glass.

The Addict

She opened her bloodshot eyes and let them rove around the empty room. She didn’t take in the disarray that surrounded her, she sought only one thing. She licked her dry lips nervously. How long had she been asleep? The people around this place would steal the shoes off her feet if she gave them half the chance, her glass didn’t stand a chance. She stood up on shaky legs that barely held up her weight. She brushed her loose strands of oily hair off her forehead and rubbed her eyes. Where did she leave it? Was it just last night? She had just gotten the bottle yesterday, she was sure of that, and she wouldn’t get more money until Tuesday. No one better of stolen it, she thought with sudden panic. Her heart began to accelerate and her hands shook worse as she moved aside a coat to search for her glass. Finally, after an eternity, she found the glass, but it was empty. Tears sprang to her eyes and she licked her lips again. Wh…but then with an extreme rush of joy, she spotted the bottle under the table. She crawled on all fours to retrieve it. Oh, it was still almost full she thought happily. She unscrewed the top and drank greedily. It wouldn’t last until Tuesday though, was her next erratic thought. Not until Tuesday, and her glass was already empty.


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