Prompt 42: Choose one of your physical features and write about how you can change or disguise that feature.


We live in a time where you can change anything you don’t like about yourself. You can buy a new nose, new boobs, new tummy. Whatever you want. And there is makeup that you can use to make your face look better than it actually is. Clothes work wonders to hide the bits and pieces that make you uncomfortable. You can be anyone you choose to be in this day and age.



Prompt 41: Write about a time you hid from someone, or a time you disguised who you really were.

Debt Collector Woes

My story is like so many others before me. The phone rings and I look at the caller ID. Oh no, it’s…them again. It isn’t like anything has changed since this morning when they called.


“I need to speak with Amy Richie please.”

“Oh, sorry. She isn’t here. Can I take a message?”


Prompt 40: List 20 things that annoy you. Pick one and write about it.


1. When Arabelle whines her words

2. Six puppies running around the house

3. When 60 minutes runs over

4. A dirty cup after you finish the dishes

5. Cigarettes in a pop can

6. Loud music

7. Gavin saying mom 20 times when I am trying to read a book and I have to read the same sentence 20 times

8. Cliffhangers

9. Debt Collectors

10. Noise making toys (all I can say to the man that made these.. “dude, I hope you have triplets.”)

11. Reruns that you’ve already seen

12. Certain co-workers

13. The lady at the dollar store that buys 60 cans of cat food…(Really? And why the heck do I ALWAYS end up behind her?)

14. Trying to find a thumbtack in the junk drawer

15. Mediacom (anyone who has it would understand)

16. When you buy a 4 dollar bag of chips and it is half gone before you take a chip out of it.

17. Slow internet connection

18. When I can’t find a pen

19. When I get the Umizoomi theme song stuck in my head

20. Radio stations that play ONLY Christmas music (this one sounds bad)


My favorite topic right now, I guess. They are getting bigger every day. Odessa has decided that she hates them now. If they even go near her she growls and tries to take their little heads off. Bad mother of the year award goes to her. I said from the beginning it was like a fourteen year old having a baby, so I guess that’s why she is so fed up with them. But hello, she is the one that got knocked up.

They poop now, big poop. Probably because they are eating real food now. Gavin puked the other day because Odessa eats all their poop. She can be sleeping across the room and one of them poops and she flies over there to slurp it up. It is gross. You can hear her gulping it down. And she has to take bites because it is big. Eww, enough about puppy poop.

They don’t sleep all together anymore. They sleep anywhere, not even in their box. So today I took apart the box and just made them a bed in the corner where the box used to be. It looks better. Right now three brown ones are sleeping on said bed. One is sleeping by my foot. One is chasing Elijah around (who stayed home from school sick..grr..) That’s five, I don’t see number six. He is probably behind the chair, hiding from Elijah.

They chew everything now too. This morning one of them was chewing on Arabelle’s boot while it was on her foot. And Arabelle let it. They are just like real puppies now, like the ones that should be at someone‘s house, their pet.


Prompt 39: Write an exaggeration of an ailment or illness.

True Story

*Names have been changed*

Lulu McAllister has always been known for blowing things out of proportion. Be it a broken dish, which was thrown at her head from across the room and shattered on the wall behind her only because she managed to duck at the right time, or a cussing out, which was in fact only a slight roll of the eye. Truth be known, we all laugh behind our hands and shake our heads when she tells us her outrageous stories.

“My daughter was bit by a poisonous spider,” she exclaimed one day in a near panic. “She might die so I absolutely have to go home right now. They are rushing her to the hospital for goodness sakes!”

“Go Lulu,” we all cried in unison. “My goodness, your daughter may be dying.”

“False alarm,” she explained the next day, “it was actually only a boil on her leg.”

We all sighed a sigh of relief, at least Lulu’s daughter was okay. But lo and behold, the very next day bad news again.

“They think it might be cancer,” she said with her mouth set so grim, “they’re doing a biopsy next week. I need Wednesday off.”

I wonder if she will even go to the hospital. What can they do for a boil…I mean cancer…I mean poisonous spider?


Prompt 38: What’s your idea of a perfect vacation?


I am taking vacation time off of work after Christmas. I will be off for eight whole days! The kids are going to be off of school that whole time too. I don’t know that it will be a perfect vacation or not.

I don’t know that I have ever been on a real vacation. The kind where you leave town and everything you know behind for a set number of days.

I don’t know what a perfect vacation would be. Somewhere not to hot and not to cold. Maybe a cruise ship. Something the kids can enjoy, and relaxing.


Prompt 37: Use the following words in a story: hypocrite, cookie jar, city, telephone.

Dressing the Christmas Tree

Lacey sighed as she glanced again at the small tree set up in the corner of the tiny apartment. She had been happy enough when the Jameson’s offered to let her use it this year. It was just the top of their huge one, but Lacey couldn’t afford one of her own and it seemed perfect at the time. Now, the bare branches screamed from the dark corner. How was she supposed to buy them pretty lights and balls of glass to decorate it?

The girls would be home any minute, and they would want to decorate it. Now she would have to disappoint them all over again. She almost gave in to her moment of self pity, but there was work to be done and crying would not finish it for her. One good thing about moving to the city, there was work to be found. Busy people didn’t have time to do their own mending, and the mending would give her the extra money she needed to buy the girls a Christmas present. She picked up the overflowing basket and settled herself in the corner, next to the bare tree. Her shoulders slumped at the sight.

There wouldn’t be much money, it would have to either be presents or the tree- not both. From the bottom of the pile she pulled out the scarf that she was making for Alyssa, Miranda’s was already done. The hat and gloves were packed away in a drawer. She smiled happily for the first time that afternoon. New hat and gloves, a scarf, and the doll from the store! The girls would be so excited this year.

“Momma!” She heard the familiar calls from down the hall. Her smile grew, even before they saw her they were calling out to her. Lacey’s eyes grew misty. How many times she had lay awake wondering how she would feed her girls, how many times she had wondered if they would be better off with someone else. What would she do without them? She had been lucky, finding work with the Jameson’s. Now, they had enough food almost every night. With mending money – Lacey sucked in her breath. How fortunate they were!

As Lacey rose from her place her eyes rested briefly on that Christmas tree. She gritted her teeth and went to meet the twins. “Momma we learned a new word today,” Miranda gushed.


“Hypocrite,” her twin finished.

“Do you know what that means Momma?” Alyssa asked with her wide blue eyes.

“That’s a strange word to teach a seven year old,” Lacey commented.

“Mrs. Patters says we need to learn one new word every single day,” Miranda reminded her.

“Are there any cookies?” Alyssa asked eagerly.

Lacey took down her precious cookie jar that she never let get completely empty and offered it to each of the girls. “Can we have a whole one all to ourselves?” Alyssa asked when she prompted them to each take one.

“Mrs. Jameson let me bake two batched today, one for her boys and one to bring home!”

“Oh,” both girls squealed in delight.

“What else did you learn about today,” Lacey asked, enjoying her favorite part of the day.

“We learned about telephones.”

“Did you know Momma, that Mrs. Patters says one day there will be a telephone in every house.”

“Whatever for. Why would we need a telephone?” Lacey shook her head at the very idea. Mrs. Patters liked to fill the children’s head with nonsense.

“Oh Alyssa, look.” Miranda pointed to the corner where the Christmas tree stood, pathetically bare. Lacey cringed.

“Miranda we got our lesson books today,” Alyssa wore a look of pure joy.

“Is the tree ours Momma?”

“Yes, but it doesn’t have any ornaments.”

“That’s ok,” they both cried in unison.

“This is going to be the best Christmas ever!”

After the girls were both safely tucked into bed, Lacey sat up mending. She rocked slowly and stared at that small Christmas tree in wonder. The girls had done such a good job of decorating the tree, cutting out used pages of their lesson books to make ornaments. They only had three crayons, so the tree wore a dress of purple, orange and yellow. “Perfect,” Lacey sighed. And the most amazing part was that Miranda and Alyssa thought it was perfect too. They had not once mentioned the glass balls and pretty lights that were missing from their tree. With a final sigh, she set back to work, the socks would not mend themselves.


Prompt: White

White Like You

“Mommy,” my six year old daughter called from her place on the couch.

I was very into my work, so I wasn’t paying much attention to her. “Hmm,” I called after the third mommy.

“Why am I so brown?”

That got my attention. I turned to look at her and she was holding her arm up to her face so she could examine it. “What do you mean?”

“My skin is brown. Why?”

I didn’t know what to tell her, I had never seen her as a color before. “Well,” I started slowly.

“Gavin says it’s because God left me in the oven cooking for too long and I got burnt.”

I hid my smile because she was so serious. “God didn’t burn you Arabelle, He made you just like He wanted you. Your brother is brown too,” I pointed out.

“But you’re not, and neither is Gavin.”

“No, I’m not brown,” I replied, looking at my own pasty skin. “I am white.”

“Daddy says you are VERY white.”

“I’m not that white,” I grumbled.

“My teacher got a new baby from Neo…Neo…from somewhere far away.” She nodded her head until her brown curls bounced. “Her baby is really brown, like chocolate.”

“People are all different colors.”


“Hmmm,” I wasn’t sure what to say.

“You know what I think?” she asked in her grown up voice.

“What do you think?”

“I think he must like us all to be different colors so that when He looks down from heaven he can see a pretty picture instead of a boring one.”

“That sounds about right. And He placed us just where we are supposed to be to complete his picture.”

“Yeah,” she smiled. “Will I ever be white like you?”

“No, and I’ll never be brown like you,” I wrinkled my nose at my hand. “Ever,” I repeated.