Prompt 25: Write about one of the most difficult decisions you’ve made in your life.


Life is full of decisions. What to wear, what to eat, how to spend your day off, what to name your child, where to go on vacation. Everyone deals with them, everyday of their lives. What constitutes a difficult decision? It was hard to decide what to name my son, Elijah. I wanted to choose a name from the bible, thinking it would give him a solid start. My husband didn’t like the idea, and he couldn’t pronounce Elijah very well.

It was a hard decision to get rid of our four cats. They were causing such a bad flea infestation in the house that I felt it was the best choice to make. We took two of them to the shelter and before we even left they told me that they would likely be put down before the day was through. I still left them there though. The other two, one I took to the fairgrounds because there was this guy there that feeds them daily. She was our favorite of the four and I couldn’t bear the thought of her being in a shelter. At least at the fairgrounds she would be taken care of. She ended up coming back home, and still to this day we see her from time to time. I think she has many homes along the way from here to there. The last cat we were going to take her to the shelter but she darted from us and got hit by the neighbor’s van.

It was a hard decision to quit working at Therma Tru, where I worked for seven years and got paid well. I was at a bad place in my life and I was desperate to get out of it. I don’t regret it, but when I am particularly broke, I sometimes wish I could go back to work there!


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