Prompt 22: In 200 words, write about your first toy.

Toy Story

I am not sure if I remember my first toy. I do have a fond memory of a doll that my aunt Paula got me for Christmas one year. We had Christmas over at my grandma Bice’s house and all the presents were piled under the tree. My aunt was late. Everyone had a gift, except me. I watched eagerly as each wrapped parcel was passed around to someone else. I remember the disappointment I felt when the presents were gone and I was the only kid that didn’t have anything.

Then, when all hope was lost, Aunt Paula came in holding one gift. It was for me! Since I was last to get mine, all the kids gathered around me as I ever so slowly peeled the paper from my beloved present. It was a rainbow brite doll! I wish I still had that thing.


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