Prompt 20: Write about the color of hunger.


When I think of hunger having a color, the only one that comes to mind is brown. Maybe it is because of all those “feed the children” commercials, the kids are always brown. It may be messed up, but it is what I think of.

I can picture in my head all those small children running around with empty bellies and barely any clothes on. Even the scenery around them is brown. Dirty. Everything in the third world countries seem to have a layer of brown dirt on them.

I lived for a year in India. One day, I decided to go to a shop for some school supplies (like notebooks and pens and stuff). While I was standing outside waiting for my ride, three young girls came up to me asking for money. It just made me feel something I can’t explain. Like I was scared of them and their need. I just went back in the store, ignoring them completely. I was rich, to their standards, and I gave them nothing.

I starved myself for three days, but I still felt guilty.


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