Prompt 17: In 200 words, create your ideal place.

The Place

A large tree stands alone in the middle of an endless field. Yellow and purple flowers lap at the base of the tree, dancing in the slight breeze. The clouds float by, crating a visual kaleidoscope of shapes. The smell of the saltwater invades her senses, but the water is too far away to see. No other houses stand nearby, no one is there to judge her as she lays in the tall grass.

Along a narrow path, the young woman made her way towards the small cottage her father had built for her there. The cottage was set in a garden with a small white picket fence around it. The woman allowed her hand to brush along the tall flowers that grew around her home.

A small brown dog bounded out of the opened door. It rushed to the woman and jumped up to say hello. She laughed and scratched her companion behind his long ears. His tail wagged and he loped away. She smiled after him, and went into the cottage.

Inside the cottage was the smell of tea. The woman inhaled the rich fragrance. Her smile warmed her face. She poured a glass of the light brown liquid into her favorite mug, a huge white glass thing. She held the mug in both hands and plopped down into a large comfy chair. As she lost herself in a world of words, the brown dog came in to curl around her feet.


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