Prompt 16: Where do you go when you want to get away from the pressures of life, family, work, ect.? Write about that place.

There is this place

I can’t imagine why I’d ever want to get away,
Elijah just dumped the ashtray(and I don’t even smoke),
The dishes are piling up and the laundry won’t stay done,
The floor needs swept and the other one needs mopped,
I won’t ever be a writer if I don’t write every day,
Mom keeps on calling about every little thing,
And Arabelle peed her pants on the way home from school,
O’dessa just pooped out six baby puppies,
And all they do is cry and cry and cry some more,
I have to work every day to never have enough,
And then I get to hear my sister complain that her life sucks,
My aunt says I am not Christian enough,
And the Jehovah Witness at my door won’t shut up,
“Do you believe you need money to be happy?”
No, but I need money to live,
I have an ache in my tooth that I can just barely stand,
But with no insurance, I have to live with it,
The school called yesterday to inform of a misbehaving son,
It’s an ongoing problem – from the beginning of the year,
So you see, I have no need to get away!
But there is a place I like to go,
The wind blows softly, just enough to ruffle,
The grass grows up past your ankles,
Enough to run in and hide for the morning,
Times are simple, everyone is a friend,
There is no need to yell and no dishes need washed,
You can just close your eyes and let time go on by,
It’s easy to breath there,
Because the air is sweet like honey,
You can do what ever strikes your fancy there,
Fish, run, laugh, sleep, fall in love,
Whatever you want.
Oh, and there are no kids allowed there!

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