Prompt 15: Write a story about irony, with a teacher as the main character and a fuse box as the key object. Set your story in a lab.


Mrs. Diana Foster pursed her lips and took out her textbook. She hated teaching, almost as much as she hated kids. Her mother had pushed her to become a schoolteacher because she was so smart. “Only teachers know that much,” her mother had crooned. Diana never disobeyed her mother.

“Everyone get seated,” she barked, “ And turn to page 96.” A ruffle of groans erupted as the students did as they were told. “We’ll be learning about osmosis today. Who knows what that is?” Of course no hands shot up. “Any ideas?” Mrs. Foster tried not to sigh too loudly.

Suddenly the room was immersed in blackness. A scream sounded from the darkness and the sounds of shuffling feet could be heard. “Everyone needs to stay calm,” Diana said sternly, “I am sure a fuse blew or something.” She grumbled her way to the fuse box. If the school hadn’t been so cheap, they would have better electricity in this place.

Diana Foster opened the fuse box and with the small flashlight on top of the box, located the right fuse. She switched it over. The last thing she saw was a huge flash of white light. Electrocuted.


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