Prompt 14: Moving from one place to another, and one house to another, is a big task. Write about one of your most memorable house moves.

Moving Out

From the time Gavin was born until he was four years old, we moved 11 different times. After that, I lost count. We have moved so often. I hate to move. My most memorable move was probably when I moved out of the house I shared with my husband. It was in a different town and it was raining. We couldn’t get the things out from the upstairs, due to a retarded twist in the steps, so we had to just heave everything out the windows.

It was mostly memorable because it signified the beginning of a new life for me and the kids. It meant that everything was changing, for good or bad, it was changing. No more Alex. No more wondering when or if he was coming home, and if he was going to be drunk. If he was drunk, get out of the way. Most of the time, he was. That was all changing that day.

I don’t really like this subject.


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