Prompt 13: Write about a weird day in your workplace.

My Weirdoes

It is hard to pick just one weird day to write about. I work in a nursing home where the average resident has some form of dementia. A nurse at work calls Sundays, “Psychiatric Sundays. (It seems to be a busy day)

One particular Sunday a lady was in a really strange mood. (Should I call her Delilah) Delilah was convinced that she had given birth in the middle of the night and she had hid her baby under her bed so her mother wouldn’t find it. We went in to find her shoving cookies under the bed. When we took those out, she flung a whole cup of water under there so her baby could have something to drink. Finally, we convinced her that there was no baby under the bed. About a half hour later she starts screaming. She thought the baby was now a cat. She wanted to feed the cat, made everyone come in too see it. They laid her down for a nap and went about the business of Sundays. Next thing you know, Delilah was across the street. She had went over to a neighboring house, knocked on the door and asked for her grandmother. Wouldn’t that be strange to open the door to a ninety year old woman asking for her grandma?


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