Prompt 9: Describe what you feel right now using your sense of smell. Use vivid words. Don’t skimp on adjectives.


The lines around my eyes feel tight and burning,
In my mind, my thoughts are all churning.
Fighting for control on what to say,
Trying to recall the events of the day.
The smell of the alarm clock as it screams my name,
Smells like a wet washcloth and a furnace flame.
The smell of my mouthwash on my tongue,
It’s that time already, the day has begun?
The smell of the frigid November wind,
Makes me feel awake enough to begin.
The smell of the car engine as I get inside,
Going to work is a very short ride.
The smell of laundry soap in the machine,
Spinning around, making the clothes clean.
The smell of lunch on my tray,
Mmm, at least I am halfway through the day.
The smell of the dryers going around,
One is broke and makes a squeaking sound.
Then the smell of the end of my shift,
Makes the corners of my mouth start to lift.
The smell of the kids screaming hello,
My smile for the moment continues to grow.
The smell of cake is a yummy one,
Birthday parties are so much fun.
But then the day has come to an end,
And I need to go to sleep so I can mend.

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