Prompt 8: Make a list of 40 things that happened to you this month. They can be funny, embarrassing, happy, or infuriating. Then pick one from your list and write about it.


I turned 31

I found out my dog is Prego

I have had to work a 14 day stretch

Got the gas turned back on

Got in a big fight with Gavin

Received a message from God to start reading Acts

Started reading the book of Acts

Watched Alice in Wonderland eight times

20 dollars came up missing from my purse

I threw up at work

I got six new pogo badges

The filter went out in my fish tank

The two sharks in the tank died

Ordered pizza

Watched Gavin clean out the rat cage

Went to my niece and nephew’s birthday party

Got my picture taken as Jessie

Got a killer toothache

Ate some yummy beef stew and MPGs

Heard my favorite song (JJ Heller’s What Love Really Means)

Got an ice tea from McDonald’s

Watched four hours worth of Ghost Hunters

Ordered House season 1 and 2 from the library

Had an extremely hectic day at work

Had to learn to breath and trust God (that is a WIP)

Got to see my sister’s church (very nice)

Washed six loads of laundry in one day

My dad gave me 100 bucks for my birthday

Made pumpkin cake for the first time (not to shabby)

Put in for a weeks vacation at work

Ate too much Halloween candy (hello toothache, I missed you)

Learned that my son has spent EVERY recess since school started, inside for being in trouble

Got aggravated at my kids (that was today)

Set goals (only to fail)

Read a good book (Columns of Cottonwood)

Drank a Pepsi throwback (eww)

Put plastic up on some of my windows

Got some chai tea from a lady at work

Went to my daughters program at school

Got four new pens and a new notebook (Thank you Molly and Mom)


The most significant on this list is of course that I got a hundred bucks from my dad. Nah, I am just kidding. I turned thirty one. I don’t mind so much getting older, I am not depressed or anything about this. The only thing that gets me is that it is a decided mark of the passage of time. A year has passed. I haven’t gotten a book published, haven’t got a house of my own, haven’t lost any weight, don’t have any money in my savings account, and I still work at the same place. That is kind of depressing. I have tried to stay positive, and think of the things that have changed this year. I can’t think of many really good ones though, and that bothers me. I think I need to be more proactive about life. Like the song says, He has so much better planned for me.


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