Prompt 4: Fairy Tales have happy endings. Al of us know what happened in that mushy fairytale, Cinderella. Yeah, it’s romantic, the prince actually finding Cinderella. They lived happily ever after. But happy endings can sometimes be, well…boring. No zing. So predictable. So…happy. What if the shoe fit one of the sisters? Play with your imagination here. Be funny if you like. Or serious if you feel like it. Or be Alfred Hitchcock. Whatever you are into, write your ending to the Cinderella story – but this time, make it so that the shoe fit one of the icky sisters. What does Prince charming do? How does Cinderella cope with it? And what about the fairy godmother? Start your story here.



“Come on you imbecile, you’re not even trying to get that thing on my foot,” Drizella cried. Her voice bellowed out, filling the large room. The King’s man, Luis, winced when her hand came across his head. “Give it to me, I can do it better.”

“I would do better, madam, if you would just sit still,” Luis replied. His face was flushed and perspiration beaded on his forehead. He really couldn’t understand why the Prince insisted they come to this house. What was he thinking? Risking? He shivered to think that the shoe might fit one of these sisters. Surely many women had the same size foot.

After a brief nod from the Prince, Luis finally tried the shoe on Drizella. A perfect fit. He gasped and stood back, shocked into complete silence. The entire room was silent but only for a moment. Then Drizella shrieked a wild sounding yell. “It fits!” She whirled in a wide circle. “I am going to be a princess.”

Her mother’s eyes lit up, but she remained silent. Anastasia, the other sister, threw her arms in the air with a defeated cry. “That’s not fair,” she moaned, “I haven’t got to try it on yet.”

“It doesn’t matter you oaf,” Drizella fist came to contact with her sister’s head, “I am going to marry the Prince.”

“No you’re not, give me that shoe.” Anastasia dropped to the ground and began clawing at her sister’s ankle.

“Get away from me! Mother! Tell her!”

Lady Tremaine merely smiled wickedly at the Prince. “When will the happy day be?” she drawled out.

“Wh…I…I…” The Prince backed slowly away from the intimidating woman. He had not expected this.

“The sooner the better, I say,” Drizella piped in.

“Would Tuesday work for you?”

“Tuesday? No, I have to think things through. I need some..”

“What is there to think through? You promised to marry the girl who fit that shoe. Did you not?”

“I…I guess I did.” Luis groaned quietly beside him. “But I didn’t expect, I mean…”

“Tuesday then? Shall we let our family know?”

The prince sighed deeply. “Yes, Tuesday,” he conceded quietly. A promise was a promise, but maybe his father could help him. Yes, his father would know what to do.

Suddenly there was a flutter of movement from the stairway. The prince looked up and was surprised to see the girl from the ball. “It’s you!” He took a step forward.

She smiled sweetly, just the way he remembered her. “You’re here!”

“Oh, Cinderella,” Drizella sneered, “You’re just in time to hear the wonderful news.” The prince looked uncomfortable when Drizella came beside him and wrapped her arm through his.

“What news?”

“We’re getting married,” she jerked her head to indicate the prince, “on Tuesday.” She cackled cruelly at the look of hurt on Cinderella’s face.

Cinderella looked once to the Prince, who looked as desperate as she felt, and then she fled back upstairs.

“Well, if she’s going to be that rude, she doesn’t need to come to the wedding.”

“Is she your sister?”

“Of course not. She’s the maid,” lady Tremaine said quickly.

“I will leave now and speak with my father. Until Tuesday,” he bowed slightly and then left.

Upstairs, Cinderella wept on her bed. “How could he marry her,” she sobbed. “He loves me.”

The prince made his way swiftly to the castle. He had to see his father. He burst into his chamber without waiting to knock or be invited in. “Father!”

“Ah, yes, my son. Welcome home.” His father’s ready smile faltered slightly when he saw the look on the Prince’s face. “All did not go well?”

“It fit the wrong girl.”

“Hmm.” The king pulled on his robe and went to sit on a nearby stool. “What do you plan to do?”

“What can I do? I came here to seek your council.” he knelt by his father’s knee, just as he had when he was a boy. “Father, I do not want to marry this girl.. I saw the girl from the ball. She is a maid in their house.”

“Which girl is it?”


“Tremaine?” His eyes registered his shock. “Oh, I see.”

“So what should I do?” He sat down heavily on the chair across from his father, waiting patiently for his advice.

The king sighed heavily. “There is nothing to be done for it. You will have to marry Drizella.”

“What? How can you say such a thing? I don’t love her.”

“You have made a promise, one that you have to honor. I suggest that you send that other woman far away.”

The prince’s face lost all color. “You are right,” he whispered. It felt like he was choking on the words. “I wills end Cinderella away. To the Duke of Derbhen. He is in need of a wife.” Father and son shared a look. “Luis!”

The Lady Tremaine opened the paper with great care. A letter from the prince! He better not be trying to get out of the marriage, she thought with a scowl. She scanned the words quickly, then grinned. “Drizella! Anastasia! Cinderella!” All three girls ran to her call.

“What is it?”

“I just received a message from the prince. Pack your bags girls, we are moving to the castle.” Cinderella took a step back. She couldn’t bare to be so close to the happy couple. Or the unhappy couple. “Except you Cinderella,” Lady Tremaine’s grin widened.

“What do you mean?”

“It seems the prince has different plans for you.”

“What plans?” Drizella whined.

“He has found you a husband Cinderella. The Duke of Derbhen. You’ll be leaving today.”

“I don’t…”

“It doesn’t matter what you want. The Prince has already decided your fate. He must be embarrassed that he danced so often with a maid.” She cackled cruelly. Cinderella turned and fled.


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