Prompt 6: List down all the clichés you can think of, then choose one you’re most familiar with, or the one that strikes your fancy. Make that the first line of your poem. You can take the cliché literally or figuratively.

Green Colored Grass

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence,
But that fence is so high off the ground.
I search for a ladder so I can get across,
But neither a ladder or even a foot stool can be found.
I look at the fence with a critical eye,
Why do you have to be so difficult, I shout.
I shake my fist and become so mad,
Then I cross my arms and sit to pout.
Why would God want to tempt me so much,
I just want to see that rich, green grass growing.
For my own grass is brown and looking dead,
Soon even the dirt underneath will be showing.
I have heard all the people talking of that grass over there,
They say it is soft enough to make a bed.
I raise my head with a soft smile on my face,
All the while visions of the other grass were in my head.
When I finally decided I would just climb the fence,
The sun was already starting to go down.
Would I really have to wait for the morning,
I thought with a frown.
I gathered my courage and just enough speed,
Then ran at the tall fence like a mad hen.
Of course I fell down and hit my head,
And I can’t say what happened then.
The fence just opened up to let me in,
And a man was there with a smile on his face.
He called me over with a wave of his hand,
But for some reason, I no longer coveted that place.
I looked around me at all I had close by,
A swing and an old wagon from years long ago,
And the tree I had planted with my own two hands,
With the house on top after it started to grow.
These were all things I once held dear,
But I had forgotten to care for them in the rush of living.
The man beckoned to me form the other side,
But I had some much needed care to be giving.
I watered my brown, dying grass that day,
Then I laid back and watched the sky.
I knew God had made the fence high for a reason,
And I was thankful he hadn’t allowed me to fly.
And soon my own grass was a rich lush green,
And I thought it too could make a bed.
My family all stood outside with me in it,
And all my happy thoughts barely stayed in my head.

The End.

“If the grass is looking greener on the other side, it is time to water your own lawn.” – Unknown.


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