Prompt 3: The dictionary atop your shelf has more than 200,000 words defined. Why don’t you blow off some of the dust on its cover and randomly pick out ten words? Don’t look at the meanings; just concentrate on the words. Write down your chosen words on a (blank) sheet of paper. Now, you’re going to have fun creating meanings for those words. What do the words make you think of? What do you think they should mean?
My Ten Words











Shellacking – This makes me thins of an attacking shell. So I guess this word must be a mean or abnormally aggressive clam.

Fossick – What first comes to mind is a fossil, or something old. This word means getting old, becoming fossick.

Philtrum – Obviously a sickness of some sort, or a body part. A sickness in said body part, probably in your mouth.

Ferrule – it has the word rule in it, but also fer, as in feril. So I think this word describes an unruly child.

Aglet – makes me think of golfing. This is the hole right before the pond.

Glabella – It sounds foreign. Must mean beautiful hands.

Muntin – This must be a kind of food. Maybe a muffin that is made from mostly veggies. Eww….

Placist – definitely a person. A person not bothered by much. Someone who doesn’t care about anything.

Catio – This word makes me think of a tricolor cat. But it is not calico, so it must be something else tri colored. A tri colored couch. Kind of like my own couch.

Flout – A fat fish.


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